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Tee-Mix is ​​a small company which sells tea through it’s online shop and purchases their tea creations from certified organic retailers and values ​​fair trade.

binaroo has implemented the entire online shop according to layout specifications. Special features have been developed and implemented according to the customer requirements. For example the so called advantage-container contains two separate and opposing information blocks, which stand out textually and by using specific icons from the rest of the layout. After a short time, new customer requirements were implemented within a rebrush. This included the integration of a blog, as well as the connection of the social media channels. In addition, binaroo takes care of content maintenance of the shop. After GoLive binaroo was instructed with hosting.

The following programming languages ​​and technologies were used: PHP, Shopware 5, Doctrine, Symfony, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, LESS, EXTJS.

Shopware 5.3.4

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