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Reminder – the sale reminder tool

By using our reminder, you’re able to increase the potential of customer loyalty of your online shop. Use targeted but unobtrusive email marketing to expand your existing customer base. Our hybrid strategy allows you to use both system-generated emails as well as the customers’ personally created reminders to increase the sales of your products.

Benefit from simple handling and clear functions:


System reminders:

  • Automated system emails to remind your customers to buy new products
  • Set individual reminder times for individual articles or categories Create reminders for as many products as you like
  • Get the customer approval in the purchase process
  • Easy handling in the backend

Personal reminders:

  • Give customers the freedom to create their own personal reminders after purchasing your products
  • Customers use the administrative unit in the customer account
  • User-friendly interface in the customer account
  • Signing off from the reminder by the customer is possible at any time
  • Obtain your customers approval for reminder-usage in the purchase process

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase customer loyalty organically through personal reminders
  • Full transparency, easy operation
  • E-Mail templates individually configurable
  • Save time through one-time configuration of the plugin

Click here to download the sales reminder tool from the official Shopware Community Store:



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